Information about the snow depth map (HS)

The map is published every day at 10:00 a.m. and shows the depth of snow on the ground.
The map shows the spatialized data obtained from the S3M model (Snow Multidata Mapping and Modeling). S3M uses a dynamic model that describes, in a simplified way, the snowpack evolution, through the snow observations (from automatic weather stations) and the MODIS satellite images (to distinguish snow-free areas from snow-covered ones). Also the data from Modello1 AINEVA (MOD1) affect the result of the S3M model. In fact they are used by ARPA, together with the data coming from the automatic weather stations, for the weekly calculation of the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE). The SWE data is assimilated by the S3M model once a week. S3M runs, since 2009, on a national scale with a spatial resolution of 500x500 meters and time resolution of one hour. The map shows the simulation at 06.00 a.m. The model is operational at the Centro funzionale regionale as part of an agreement signed with the Fondazione Cima.

Corresponding map

NB - The acronym N/A (Not Available) is used when computer problems, for which it is not possible to access the data (even if present) of S3M, occur.


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