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Created in Scotland in the XV century, the “modern” version of a no longer elite sport
"Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose " … as commented Golf Sir Winston Churchill. This definition can, in some ways, help explain, with a hint of humour, what golf entails; yet, if this discipline is reduced to this, there would be no reason to play it . In reality, through his
ironic definition, the great English statesman wanted to say that golf is a really “difficult” game. It is for this reason that many have taken up the challenge of a new discipline and, given the results (in terms of increased popularity), this testing sport is really liked by many. Valle d’Aosta hosts 5 golf courses and 2 practice fields for training, offering your the chance to practice this sporting discipline in very picturesque surroundings.


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GolfGolf Club del Cervino
Telephone: 0166.949131
Town: Breuil-Cervinia
GolfGolf Les Iles
Telephone: 0165 762932
Town: Brissogne
GolfMerlet golf practicing field
Telephone: 0125 306530 - 349.7846711
Town: Champoluc/Ayas/Antagnod
GolfGolf Club Courmayeur et Grandes Jorasses
Telephone: 0165.89103
Town: Courmayeur
GolfGolf school c/o Viale Monte Bianco and Forum Sport Center
Telephone: 335 8134762
Town: Courmayeur
GolfIndoor Golf - Courmayeur Forum Sport Center
Telephone: +39 335 8134762
Town: Courmayeur
GolfGolf Club Aosta Arsanières
Telephone: 0165.56020
Town: Gignod
GolfGolf Club Gressoney Monte Rosa
Telephone: 0125.356314
Town: Gressoney-Saint-Jean
GolfGolf Driving Range Valle d'Aosta
Telephone: +39 0165 610031
Town: Saint-Christophe
GolfGolf practice course
Telephone: 0166.537701
Town: Saint-Vincent

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