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Mont Blanc cableway

Trans Mont Blanc - The magic of a cableway excursion between Italy and France 
Crossing Mont Blanc is an enchanting journey, designed around the movements of the earth rising to the sky. It is an occasion for everyone - as long as being at a high altitude is not unadvisable from a health standpoint - since it does not require significant hiking sections. 5 cableways and 1 cable car transport passengers between Italy and France, to discover the two slopes of Mont Blanc in a thrilling sequence of stretches hanging over glaciers and breathtaking views. You start from La Palud, near Courmayeur (1,325 m), to reach Le Pavillon (2,173 m), scenic and sunny stop, near the Mont Frey nature oasis and Saussurea alpine botanical garden. The second section starts from Pavillon and leads to Rifugio Torino (3,375 m … more than 2,000 metres from La Palud, in a total of 11 minutes). The last "Italian" section goes to Punta Helbronner (3,462 m),
a place often called "glacier terrace" which gives visitors a magical wide-angle view of the peaks of Mont Blanc , with a visual echo of the 3 majestic shapes of the Matterhorn , Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso . Here, either with the bare eye or using sophisticated optical projection devices, you can cross time and see the effects of the impressive granite core bank which, millions of years ago shaped the current structure of the massif; a site proposed to become part of Unesco's "world heritage list". The Panoramic cable car leaves from Punta Helbronner, it makes an "eagle flight" almost 5 kilometres long, hovering with shadows and thoughts above the Mer de Glace - a white and crystallised sea, with pinkish-grey granite rocks - and reaches the station of Aiguille du Midi (3,842 m, located in France).
The Aiguille christens the last part of the descent towards Chamonix, a segment which completes the crossing and offers the opportunity to visit another splendid city in the Alps after Courmayeur. The return trip by bus is through the Mont Blanc tunnel. The “Funivia dei Ghiacciai” is still one of the most spectacular cableways ever built. Inaugurated in the summer of 1947 and finished in the 1960's, it boasts some unique or rare technical-architectural solutions. All of the details on schedules, prices, weather, recommended equipment and other itineraries can be found on the website Funivie del Monte Bianco .