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Servizi e numeri utili

Useful numbers: ·

  • 118 Ambulance
  • 112 Military Police
  • 113 Police
  • 115 Fire brigade
  • 117 Customs Officers
  • 800 319 319 Civil Defence

118 - Ambulance: Operational nationwide in Italy, it is the emergency health service that operates 24 hours a day and can be activated by dialling the phone number 118 without a prefix. It is free of charge. It coordinates and manages all requests for help, guaranteeing an ambulance is immediately sent to you to provide assistance and psychological support to the caller in the time the ambulance takes to arrive. Some of the services ensured by the "Valle d'Aosta Soccorso" Call Centre:
  • Ambulance service for health emergencies by sending basic and advanced means of medical assistance.
  • Helicopter ambulance for emergencies and assisted transport outside the valley.
  • Mountain helicopter assistance in collaboration with the Valdostane Alpine assistance service.
  • Alarms and health assistance in case of serious accidents or disasters in collaboration with the civil defence and other non-health related bodies.
  • Health assistance at meetings, sporting and cultural events

By calling 118 you can receive information on the pharmacies open out of hours and out of hours doctor services

Out of hours doctor services: The out of hours doctor services ensure basic medical assistance for urgent conditions which manifest at night, during pre-holidays and holidays. In particular:

  • from 20.00 to 08.00 on all public holidays
  • from 8.00 on Saturdays (or from 10.00 all other pre-holidays) to 08.00 on Mondays or the day after the holiday

The out of hours assistance service can only be requested using the number 118. The call centre operator will take the caller's details and inform the relevant, local doctor. The out of hours support service is free of charge.

Assistance in the mountains and on pistes: As part of the Regional Civil Defence, the Valdostane Alpine Assistance Service manages and organises the mountain support service in the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta. The Call Centre, with a helicopter available, operates 24 hours a day with an emergency technical intervention service and telephone response service. It coordinates thirteen assistance service stations distributed throughout the main districts along the side valleys, whose locations enable prompt intervention, if the air dispatch team is not an option or is insufficient, including areas where operational conditions are difficult due to the altitude, which is often over 3,000 metres, or due to bad weather conditions. The helicopter support service, offered by the local health board, includes the daily presence of a doctor, two certified Alpine guides experienced in assistance services, a dog unit during the winter period, a second doctor and a third guide during the main winter/summer tourist peaks. The helicopter base is located at the “Corrado Gex” Airport in Aosta. It assists around 750 emergencies per year, with an average intervention altitude of 2,500 metres, clearly highlighting the peculiar vocation of the helicopter mountain assistance service.

Trauma centres: The trauma centres are located over the region in the main skiing areas (Courmayeur, Pila, La Thuile, Champoluc-Ayas, Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Breuil-Cervinia). The periods and hours of opening of the Trauma Centres vary in relation to the ski resort opening hours.

Hospitals: The hospital assistance service is guaranteed in Aosta by the Regional Hospital (Viale Ginevra 3 - Aosta, at the crossroads with the State Road for the Gran San Bernardo) which is the location of the 118 call centre and the emergency services. Another hospital on the hill in Aosta (Beauregard Region - Via L. Vaccari, 5 - turn right before the Centro Addestramento Alpino) has other departments, such as paediatrics and gynaecology-obstetrics. Main line: (+39) 0165 54 31

Hemodialysis for patients on holiday: Other than providing hemodialysis to residents in Valle d'Aosta, the centres in Aosta and Donnas also provide dialysis to patients in Valle d'Aosta on holidays. The centre in Donnas is located on the border with Piedmont and offers "a limited service" (CAL), i.e. the nephrologist is not present during the treatments but is on-call. Since Valle d'Aosta is a very popular tourist destination, the few places available are quickly taken during the peak season periods: this has caused legislation to impose a maximum limit of two weeks available to each patient, to offer more people the chance to benefit from the service. Booking is recommended, identifying the period desired and the centre for your dialysis, by sending a FAX to (+39) 0165 54 32 46, 6 months in advance (for the summer from the 1st of January each year). Based on the places available for dialysis and the nursing support, request priority and the period desired, at least a month before the start date you will receive confirmation of the bookings (for the summer during the month of May). For the Dialysis Centre in Donnas you must have a written declaration from your doctor in your dialysis centre stating you can undergo dialysis without the doctor being present at all times.